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CARE GUIDE – Cleaning

Due to the resistant and hygienic, dense surface, EGGER Laminate does not require any special form of care. The laminate surface consists of melamine resin impregnated decor paper and the surfaces, including textured, are generally easy to clean. In general there is no need to use any care products. Simply wipe down your EGGER Laminate surfaces regularly with water, a clean cloth and paper towel.

When cleaning is necessary, mild cleaning agents can be used. You must ensure that any product used on your benchtop does not contain abrasive components, as this may adversely affect the gloss level or scratch the surface. Furniture polishes and cleaning agents that contain wax should not be used as they have a tendency to clog up the surface structure of laminates and form a sticky layer that attracts dirt.

Many kinds of soiling can occur and it is essential to use the correct cleaning procedure. The least harsh method should always be tried first when attempting to clean the surface.

Use paper towels; soft, clean dry cloths (dry or damp); sponge or similar. After using a damp cloth, wipe down afterwards with absorbent paper towels.

Use clean hot water, clean cloths or towels, soft sponge or brush (e.g. nylon brush)
Use normal cleaning agent without abrasive constituent, washing powder (especially heavy duty detergent), liquid soap or hard soap.

Remove dirt with solution of suitable cleaning agent, or let it soak according to the degree of soiling, then wash off with clean water or glass cleaner. Wipe several times if necessary.
Remove all traces of cleaning agent, to prevent streaks developing. With clean, absorbent cloths (or better still, paper towels) wipe the surface dry. Change cloths frequently.

Soak overnight using a paste made of washing powder and water, alternatively use a liquid cleaning product containing calcium carbonate.

A mild solution of bleach may be used but with extreme caution, no more than 1 part bleach to 8 parts water. N.B. Use liquid cleaning products containing calcium carbonate or bleachbut only very occasionally.

Remember EGGER Laminate surfaces must be wiped down regularly throughout their service life.

Do not use:

  • Scouring or abrasive agents (abrasive powders, steel wool), polishes, waxes, furniture cleaners.
  • If using a bleach solution, avoid laminate joins and edges as these could break down the adhesive that has been used to bond your laminate to the substrate.
  • Do not use cleaning products which contain strong acids or strong acidic salts, e.g. limescale removers based of formic acid and aminosulphuric acid, drain cleaners, hydrochloric acid, silver cleaners or oven cleaners.
  • When cleaning with solvent make sure you open the window and no naked flames.

CARE GUIDE – Maintenance

As a general rule spills such as tea, coffee and wine etc. should be cleaned immediately as the cleaning effort increases if they are left to dry.


  • Placing burning cigarettes on the laminate surface leads to surface damage. Always use an ashtray.
  • Laminate surfaces should not be used as a cutting surface as this can also leave cutting marks on highly resistant laminate surfaces. Always use a chopping board.
  • Placing hot cooking utensils such as saucepans and frying pans directly from the hob or oven onto the laminate surface should be avoided, as, depending on the heat exposure, a change in the gloss appearance or damage to the surface can arise. Always use heat resistant mats.
  • Spilled liquids should always be cleaned up immediately, especially in areas around cut-outs and joints as prolonged exposure to some substances may cause a change in the gloss appearance of the laminate surface.

These recommendations apply especially to matt and gloss laminates surfaces. These have a distinctive look and feel, but also have a greater tendency to show wear and tear.

EGGER laminates essentially conform to EGGER’s high quality standards as well as the applicable Standards and Regulations. EGGER Laminates are tested according to EN 438-2:2005 in respect of all the relevant quality requirements. The various laminate qualities required for particular application areas conform to these requirements.

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