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What Type of Timber is the INEX Decking?

It’s not Timber, it is a low carbon fibre reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) Decking Board.

Does it Shrink, Crack, Split Warp or Cup?

Nope. INEX Products remains dimensionally stable in all weather conditions.

How durable is INEX>DECKING?

INEX>DECKING is highly durable and represents a real alternative to natural timber decking without its ongoing maintenance.

Is INEX Decking Expensive?

No INEX>DECKING is comparable to other decking materials on the market.

How do I Stain It?

There is a variety of Natural Stain products on the market that are able to be used to create your own personalised deck.
Refer to the COATINGS menu on UBIQ’s website.

Is INEX Decking easy to Install?

INEX>DECKING is as easy and simple to lay as other decking materials.