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Get Rigid with the IBS No.1 Rigid Air Barrier System

IBS OS’Brace® RAP is a high quality, moisture resistant, innovative and environmentally sustainable, structural bracing panel designed and manufactured specifically for the New Zealand building and construction industry.

The panel is treated to an H3.1 using a method where the chips themselves are treated prior to being glued together meaning that the panel is fully treated.

IBS OS’Brace® RAP panels are made in one of the world’s most modern OSB plants in Germany from environmentally sustainable softwood plantation resources – conserving the world’s threatened tropical forests. All of our OSB products are certified with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) according to ISO 14025.

IBS OS’Brace® RAP third party plant certification ensures that EGGER OS’Brace® RAP has consistent adherence to international OSB quality standards manufactured under quality Management system ISO 9001:2004. Several external plant supervision systems, such as CE-marking (European Community), JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) or PS2-10 (US Building Code), guarantee superior product quality.

The IBS OS’Brace® RAP system has been engineered and tested to comply with the performance requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. P21 Structural testing has been completed in New Zealand and Treatment to comply with AS/NZS 1604.2 has been third party verified to make sure that you can use OS’Brace® RAP with confidence. The design criteria is based upon NZS 3604 Timber Framed Buildings.



  • Lightweight, only 11.2kg
  • No need to retreat after cutting
  • Wide choice of flashing tapes
  • Proven performance worldwide
  • Stronger - healthier – cost effective
  • Quieter house
  • Both a bracing panel and building wrap
  • Less time on site


2440 x 1198 x 6 mm
2745 x 1198 x 6 mm
3050 x 1198 x 6 mm


1210 - Frame Layout

1211 - Frame Layout (Brick)

1212 - Frame Layout (Sheet Plaster)

1213 - Frame Layout (Eifs Plaster)

1214 - Frame Layout (Weatherboard)

1220 - Joints (Vertical)

1223 - Joints (Horizontal)

1227 - Joints (Horizontal Corner)

1230 - Corners (External)

1231- Corners (Internal)

1250 - Concrete Floor (Edge Direct Fix)

1251 - Concrete Floor (Edge Cavity)

1255 - Floor Connections

1260 - Openings (Lower Corner Treatment)

1261 - Openings (Upper Corner Treatment)

1269 - Openings (Pipe)

1262 - Openings (Window Head)

1263 - Openings (Window Sill)

1264 - Openings (Window Jamb)

1265 - Window (Head)

1266 - Window (Sill)

1267 - Window (Jamb)

1270 - Wall Soffit

1280 - Apron Treatment (Roof into Wall)

1281 - Balustrade