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When should I use Treated Plywood?

The basic rule of thumb is in any situation where it could get wet.

What does Calibrated Mean?

This means that the plywood is sanded on both faces of the sheet to make sure that it has a consistant thickness. 

How do you know if a plywood product is structurally certified for New Zealand?

All Products that are certified must be stamped on the back of the sheet showing that the product is NZS 2269 certified, 

What does CCA treated ply mean?

Copper, Chomuim and Arsenic, it is a waterborne preservative that will usually be green in colour and will give you a H3.2 Treatment standard.

What does LOSP treatment mean?

LOSP stands for Light Organic Solvent Preservative. The biggest difference is that it is a solvent based dry process and is clear in colour. (not Green)

What does FSC and PEFC mean and stand for?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council
PEFC stands for Program for the endorsement of Forest Ceritication

What they both mean is that you can reky on the product coming from a fully sustainable renewable resource.