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The Power of the Rainbow Pack

  • Minimise your stock levels

  • Increase your stock range

  • Control your cashflow

  • Less damage to stock that takes too long to sell

  • Higher Stock Turns

  • Easy ordering - don't hold excess stock - order product as customers require

  • New Products - only buy a few sheets for a trial - low cost trial

  • Even small stores can look after the needs of any customer

  • Not supporting your nearest competitor by buying those one off smaller orders from them

  • Quick service to your customer

  • Saves storage space and less floor is required for a bigger stock range

  • If you use it right make IBS your packing team by ordering from us what your customers order from you - it is then packed and ready for delivery

  • 1 Order - 1 Invoice - 1 Truck - 1 Pallet - 1 Unload at your end

  • With Rainbow Pack system you are helping the environment with less packaging and truck moverments